RapidIT Inc consider all three Small, Medium and Large Enterprise platforms with independent attention, to serve the customer needs for Resourcing Patterns at the best. Our HR team believe, better management of enterprise HR & Resourcing activities is one of the key concerns for growing organizations. We always make rapid strides for innovative HCAM solutions to create significant impact on organizations operating margins.

Project Management Practice


Project Management Professionals at Work for You

Skilled Project Managers are invaluable to businesses implementing complex, project-based processes completed by teams of workers. RapidIT provides highly experienced program managers and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support your initiatives. These highly skilled program and project managers that have the deep understanding of the many different methodologies that are being used by companies today; Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, along with experience using PMI’s PMBOK.  


Software Quality Management Practice

Build efficient, scalable processes for quality planning, quality assurance and quality control. Establish a single source of truth during the entire product development lifecycle. Effectively implement and drive agile and traditional development and testing processes, we utilize our own testing teams for our software development.


Staffing Services

"Respect to Represent" is our core. At RapidIT Inc, we provide personal attention to our clients for their staffing requirements. We always ready to assist your all-round staffing needs, we know the area, we know your challenges, we know who are the best suitable for your organization. Our consultants are experts in the local/global markets where they can assist the best with their local/global needs. Outsourcing, resourcing is our DNA, whether it is for startups and small, medium or large enterprises. More

hCAM Analytics

"No Measure No Act". At RapidIT Inc we believe, if you don’t measure anything you can’t plan to take action on any resource that you are managing. Our Human Capital Acquisition Management process is always backed by predefined processes and data sets, where any client can define respective Dashboards and hCAMInsights from the information we maintain. Respective data structures will be guided to define & configure timely monitoring mechanisms for the clientele, irrespective of the size of the organization. More

Global Delivery Models

"Enable-Engage-Operate-Transform" is our principle in Global Delivery Models. Our expertise in workforce management, experience in HR service delivery, and advanced innovative technology will help you develop the best hCAM strategy, patterns and globally localized – locally globalized delivery models for your organization. We support your functional and technology implementations to ensure you get the outcomes you need. More

Outsourcing & Offshoring

RapidIT Inc always support organisations to benefit from the different ways and means of Outsourcing and Offshoring techniques. These are the best things to gain benefit from lower manpower costs, skilled resources, technical services and software-hardware-networking services. More

Global Sourcing

Our experience to global markets is very high, and our team of experts are always understand the nature of global goods and services across geo-political boundaries. This help our team to support global sourcing, which often takes the advantage from global coherence in the delivery of product and services. We support your local challenges with global sourcing patterns. More

Executive Sourcing

RapidIT Inc has a special group for executive sourcing; with highly talented, digital-aware, innovative-trends-aware, and well-networked team of consultants. Our Executive Sourcing Group helping enterprises attract the right talent from across the world for any key positions. We source based on the following parameters... More