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RapidIT Project Management services

RapidIT Project Management services allows you to make the best use of your resources for a greater profitability. Manage Project milestones and deadlines with ease

RapidIT will manage your business system implementation project, so you can focus on managing your architectural and engineering projects.

The RapidIT project management services team helps our clients establish a project positioned for success by defining a realist scope to meet project objectives, manage resource scheduling, monitor project performance, and mitigate risk.

Business Transformation Services.

Strategic Planning— vision, goals, current state, and road mapping
Business Performance Excellence
Organizational Modeling and Transformation
Change Management
Learning and Talent Strategy
Delivery Leadership

Software Quality Lab Services

Our QA team employs automated tools and expert knowledge to inspect all aspects relevant to software quality. We can also advice your team regarding the software development process in the testing phase can provide companies quick results through quality improvements, better cost control, and avoidance of project delays.

Approach to Software Quality Management

Core Solutions

  • SQM Strategic Planning and Leadership.
  • Manual Testing and Business Validation
  • Functional Test Automation.
  • Load and Performance Testing
    Exclusive “In-Performanc” Testing Solution
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Quality Tools Selection
  • Quality Assessments and Audits
  • Dev/QA/Ops Solutions

Software Testing

  • Advanced Test Automation.
  • QA and Test Process Improvement
  • Open Source Automation.
  • Mobile Testing and Automation
    Manual Testing/Test Facility Management.
  • Performance Testing Strategy, Scripting, and Execution.
  • Independent Verification & Validation.

Full Service QM

  • QM Strategy, Methodology, and Project Leadership.
  • Best Practice Assessments
  • Mobile Testing.
  • ERP/CRM Testing
    Manual and Automated Functional Testing.
  • Load Testing and Performance Analysis.
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Training
  • Top tool sets

Software Quality Management Approach Session

  • Build efficient, scalable processes for quality planning, quality assurance and quality control
  • Establish a single source of truth during the entire product development lifecycle
  • Effectively implement and drive agile and traditional development and testing processes
  • Automate and manage the people, processes and technologies utilized throughout product development, testing and deployment
  • Deliver real-time insights and reporting to help you make the right decisions and learn from your success
  • Support our clients through the entire life cycle; 24/7 support for applications, systems, and databases, including app stabilization, bug fixes, upgrades, patches, tune-ups, and enhancements